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UpdateVersion is a command-line utility that can update .NET AssemblyInfo files in any language. Typically, UpdateVersion is used in conjunction with Nant build scripts to autogenerate new version numbers; however, it can be executed from anywhere to get or set updated version numbers.

Behind the scenes, UpdateVersion searches it's input for a .NET AssemblyVersion attribute. Using this, a new version number is calculated using one of several algorithms.

Where to Start

If you're new to UpdateVersion, start with the Documentation.

Project Status

The UpdateVersion project hasn't been touched in years. The main reason it's being placed on CodePlex is to provide better support to those requesting access to it. There are a few possible enhancements, but nothing big. Feel free to report any bugs and/or recommend other enhancements.


UpdateVersion was originally written by Matt Griffith and later enhanced by Mike Gunderloy, Scott Hanselman, and Michael Flanakin. For more information on the changes that have been made thus far, check out the Change Log.

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